David Lammy – Labour’s road back to power

David Lammy at Brussels LabourBrussels Labour welcomed David Lammy MP to its meeting on 24 March on the theme of ‘Labour in Opposition and the days ahead’. David was the youngest member of the House of Commons when elected as MP for Tottenham in 2000. During his time in Parliament he has served as a minister in the Departments of Health, Justice and Culture, before taking the higher education portfolio, a post he now shadows in opposition. Brussels Labour was grateful to David for fitting in a visit while in Brussels to address a European Parliament Conference on Minority Leadership.

In a wide-ranging speech he gave his critique on the Conservative-led Government and his thoughts on the way forward for Labour in opposition and the challenges faced by the Party in securing a route back to power.

He began with the story of his own life and what inspired him to enter politics. Born in Tottenham itself – the constituency he now represents in Parliament – and raised by a single mother, David won a choral scholarship to the King’s School in Peterborough and went on to study at School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), the University of London and Harvard. He contrasted his experiences in Tottenham – the constituency with the highest unemployment in London – with Peterborough – in the heart of middle England – to highlight the challenges that Labour faces in recapturing the broad constituency of the British people necessary, in his view, to be a credible alternative for government. Continue reading David Lammy – Labour’s road back to power