PES Progressive Convention: invitation from PES Activists

PES Activists are pleased to invite you to the PES Progressive Convention, which will take place in Brussels on 25-26 November 2011. 

Recent world developments, the economic crisis, the uprisings in the Arab World, the youth protests, all show that citizens are eager to participate in society and for their views to be taken into account. So, this year, the PES will organise a different type of event: outward looking, participative and interactive.

Based on the new PES Declaration of Principles, claiming the PES values and principles guiding PES policies, the aim of the Convention is to launch a deep policy review building up to the Fundamental Programme that will be adopted at the 2012 PES Congress. The Convention will be a unique open space bringing together progressive politicians, trade-unions, NGOs, associations, academics and artists. It will be a two-day brainstorming, with simultaneous and innovative debates, workshops, panels and cultural activities such as a film festival, a political bookshops and concerts.

A half-day in-depth reflection will be dedicated to each of the following crucial challenges:

A new fair growth model – inventing a new growth paradigm built on economic, social and environmental progress, with a new governance concept.

A just society, equality for all – developing new policies for inclusive societies overcoming inequalities and ensuring decent jobs for all.

New global answers to new global challenges – formulating a new global deal to shape globalisation in a progressive way.

Democracy and active citizenship – conceiving a dynamic society where everyone is involved.

Registrations can be made through the PES website. If you are a PES activist, there is limited accommodation available, for which you can apply here.

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