Sister party event on election year 2017 – 10 February 18h30, Brussels

Organised by Brussels Labour and the Sister Parties

175 million Europeans will go to the polls in 2017 to elect a new parliament and a new government in i.a. The Netherlands, France, Czech Republic and Germany. In all those countries progressive parties are currently ruling parties.

The issues at stake are high: populism is on the rise across Europe. Fake news and fake solutions with xenophobic and nationalistic slogans are undermining democratic values. Europe integration project is facing a huge challenge. The new governments will define the i.a. EU’s stance on Brexit, visions for society and economy, alternative to an isolationist and exclusive society proposed by right-wing populist movements.
Join us to discuss:
When: February 10, at 18h30
Where: Headquarters of theParti Socialiste (PS), 13 Boulevard de l’Empereur, 1000 Bruxelles

John Crombez, Chairman, sp.a, Belgium
Jiří Dienstbier, Senator and former minister of Human rights, ČSSD, Czech Republic
Alexander Schweitzer, Head of the parliamentary group in Rheinland-Pfalz, SPD, Germany
and TBC:


Laura Slimani, Chair of Young European Socialists, Parti Socialiste, France
Michiel Servaes, Member of Parliament, Partij van de Arbeid (PvdA), the Netherlands
Topics to be discussed:

– Which concrete perspectives are we progressives offering our voters – credible alternatives to the nationalist-conservative scaremongering?
– Austerity: how do we put an end to it? What roles for national or a eurozone budgets?
– Migration crisis: finding solidarity solutions in the EU.
– What will be left from the left if 2017 will mean a radical shift to the right in the EU?

A drink will be served.

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