Letter from Brussels Labour Chair to Jeremy Corbyn MP

7 February 2017

Dear Jeremy

As you will remember, Brussels Labour campaigned with you, the Labour Party, MPs and MEPs for a ‘Remain’ vote during the referendum campaign. Brussels Labour is obviously devastated by the referendum result and our members and their families, like British citizens throughout the EU, are deeply distressed about the potential impact of Brexit on their lives.

For this reason, our members are now very concerned about the position the Labour Party is taking on the Article 50 Bill. Leaving the European Union will not be straightforward and the Labour Party needs to be an effective opposition to the Government during the whole exit process, in order to protect the rights of all citizens. Labour is a pro-European party and the vast majority of our MPs are lifelong pro-Europeans.

We believe that Labour MPs should have the right to a free vote on this issue of historic importance. Furthermore we are very concerned the Conservative Party’s intentions during the Brexit negotiations and would like you to ensure that the transition towards leaving the European Union is smooth for working people. We therefore urge you to support amendments that protect the rights of EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens who live, work and have retired in the European Union.

Thank you for considering this request.

Best wishes

Jo Wood
Chair, Brussels Labour