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ETUC Day of Action – Brussels 29 September



1 September 2010

The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), in reaction to the austerity measures in force in a number of European countries, is sponsoring a major European mobilisation on 29 September, with support from all its member organisations. Around 100 000 people are expected to take to the streets in Brussels and protest actions will also be held in different European countries.

A major day of action organised by the European trade union movement will be held on 29 September. Trade union delegations from across Europe will march in the streets of Brussels to protest against austerity measures. Employees cannot be the only ones to pay for the irresponsible speculation of certain financial institutions. In parallel with the Euro-demonstration in Brussels, a general strike will be held in Spain and protest movements are planned in Portugal, Italy, Latvia and Poland. The effort of the trade union organisations is focused on the Euro-demonstration in Brussels.

ETUC General Secretary John Monks commented : “On 29 September, we will demonstrate to voice  our concern over the economic and social context, which will be compounded by austerity measures. We are particularly alarmed over unemployment and rising inequalities. To cope with increasing precariousness, priority must be given to quality jobs.”

Call to demonstrate:

Link to the page dedicated to the European Day of Action :

Information for the press:

The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) speaks with a single voice on behalf of the common interests of workers, at European level. Founded in 1973, it now represents 82 trade union organisations in 36 European countries, plus 12 industry-based federations.

The ETUC is also on Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. To subscribe to the ETUC newsletter, please click here.

For more information:
Patricia Grillo.
ETUC Head of Press and Communications
+ 32 (0)2 224 04 30
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E-mail :

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Brussels Labour events in January, February and March

The next Brussels Labour event will be on Wednesday 27 January from 19.30 at Arthur’s, 26 Rue de Treves.

Our guest speaker will be Jason Anderson, WWF Brussels Head of Energy and Climate, speaking on ‘What next after Copenhagen?’

For future events, we hope to have a joint social evening in February with sister parties. We are planning a crash course on online campaigning, with Jon Worth as our tutor.

And the AGM is scheduled for Wednesday 24 March. Further details all these events will be shown here once they are firm.

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New Secretary

Sarah Millar, our Secretary, has left Brussels to take up a post in the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change: their gain and our loss! We are delighted for Sarah and wish her every success as well as thanking her for her dedication to Brussels Labour.

Her replacement will be elected  at the AGM and, until then, Emma Eatwell will be the acting secretary. Any mail can be sent to her on

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2009 highlights

We were very pleased to welcome UK Trade Commissioner Baronness Cathy Ashton to speak at our meeting on November 10.

The annual John Fitzmaurice Leture was given on 14 October at the Centre by ETUC President John Monks. A full report will appear in Germinal, but click here for the text of his speech.

Brussels Labour again hosted a fringe meeting with EPLP at Labour Party conference.  Chaired by Brussels Labour honorary President Lord Kinnock, on the subject of “Trade and Aid – European responses to global poverty”, it should be a fascinating debate.  Speakers were European Commissioner for Trade, Cathy Ashton, Europe Minister Glennys Kinnock and Michael Cashman MEP – or three peers and a queer, in Michael’s memorable description of the panel!

September 9.  We had a speaker from the Irish Labour Party on the forthcomming Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

June 2 – we welcomed Labour’s new MEP, Derek Vaughan, as speaker.  He gave his thoughts on the election campaign, and his hopes for his first term.

May 27 – European Election campaign leafletting

April 29 – Joint hustings with Brussels Liberal and Conservative associations – Brussels Labour was ably represented by Richard Corbett MEP

The Brussels Labour Exec was invited to a brief private meeting with Harriet Harmann whilst she was over to meet the EPLP in February – read more here

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The October 2009 edition of our newsletter is now available online here.  Click here for previous editions.

And here is a preview of three articles for the next edition:

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Party of European Socialists – PES

The PES is probably of particular interest to members of Brussels Labour.

Individual members of Europe’s Socialist, Social Democratic and Labour Parties – and thus of Brussels Labour – are all members of the PES through their national party membership. They can now become directly involved in the PES by becoming PES activist. This important decision was taken at the PES Council in Vienna in June 2005 with full support of the member parties.

Being PES activist offers a new level of involvement for members, complementary to that on local, regional or national level.

Activists can ask questions directly to politicians, take part in discussions with other European socialists and social democrats on a variety of topics, give input on PES policy discussions,  establish political links with local individuals and branches in other PES member parties, receive information on what other European socialists and social democrats are up.

In addition, there are opportunities to attend events such as the PES Congress and Summer University.

Go to for more details on how to become a PES activist – and also for information on PES events and activities.

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