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Leadership election timetable, and Julian Priestley’s view

The timetable for the leadership election has been announced:

  • 24 May: PLP nominations open
  • 9 June: PLP nominations close
  • 10 June: Supporting nominations open
  • 26 July: Close of nominations (hustings will take place from 10 June to 26 July)
  • 16 August to 22 September: Ballot of all members
  • 8 September: ‘Freeze date’ for new members to participate
  • 25 September: Result announced, just before conference

Here is Julian Priestley’s take on the leadership election:


The more leisurely timetable for electing Labour’s new leader affords the opportunity for a full debate about the party’s future orientation. A few years ago to have suggested that Europe be part of the discussion would have been to invite a reopening of old schisms. But the party has moved on- its rather tepidly pro-European 2010 manifesto provoked no internal schism. Continue reading Leadership election timetable, and Julian Priestley’s view

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2009 highlights

We were very pleased to welcome UK Trade Commissioner Baronness Cathy Ashton to speak at our meeting on November 10.

The annual John Fitzmaurice Leture was given on 14 October at the Centre by ETUC President John Monks. A full report will appear in Germinal, but click here for the text of his speech.

Brussels Labour again hosted a fringe meeting with EPLP at Labour Party conference.  Chaired by Brussels Labour honorary President Lord Kinnock, on the subject of “Trade and Aid – European responses to global poverty”, it should be a fascinating debate.  Speakers were European Commissioner for Trade, Cathy Ashton, Europe Minister Glennys Kinnock and Michael Cashman MEP – or three peers and a queer, in Michael’s memorable description of the panel!

September 9.  We had a speaker from the Irish Labour Party on the forthcomming Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

June 2 – we welcomed Labour’s new MEP, Derek Vaughan, as speaker.  He gave his thoughts on the election campaign, and his hopes for his first term.

May 27 – European Election campaign leafletting

April 29 – Joint hustings with Brussels Liberal and Conservative associations – Brussels Labour was ably represented by Richard Corbett MEP

The Brussels Labour Exec was invited to a brief private meeting with Harriet Harmann whilst she was over to meet the EPLP in February – read more here

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