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General election – thank you!

Many thanks to all who helped with the General Election Campaign, whether phone canvassing or on the campaign weekends in London and Hastings.

Labour is now facing a period of opposition, but we came out of the elections with our heads held high. We lost power at the national level but we won it back in many local councils. And while many good Labour MPs lost their seats, including a number with special links to our Branch such as Michael Foster and Gwyn Prosser, others, such as Emma Reynolds, former BL Treasurer, are elected for the first time. And Glenda Jackson was re-elected by the narrowest of margins – we like to think the visit by Brussels Labour made all the difference! A big thank you to Brussels Labour members for all they did during the election.

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General election campaigning

With the General Election now set for 6 May, we are full swing into campaigning mode. Check back here regularly for details of campaigning events and how to help back in the UK.

Remember, we are planning two UK Campaiging weekends.

The first will be on 17-18 April to help in a London constituency on Saturday pm and Sunday am. You will need to make your own transport and accomodation arrangements, though there may be some seats available by car.

The second weekend will be in Hastings and Rye, 1-2 May. Here, we will share car transport. Again, you will need to arrange accomodation, but we can give you details of a Labour-friendly hotel.

Please let the secretary know ( if you will join us for either weekend.

More details on Hasting campaigning:

James Royston, who works in the EPLP office, is Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Bexhill & Battle and is currently in the UK campaigning. Bexhill & Battle is twinned with next-door Hastings & Rye, a key marginal seat, and James will be campaigning in both seats.

If you are interested in helping out further, beyond the 1-2 May weekend, please get in touch with James directly at or on +44 7926 660 950.

James and the team will be out canvassing every day in both constituencies, and there will be lots that needs doing for anyone not comfortable with door-knocking, so any help is greatly appreciated! Both constituencies are close to Ashford Eurostar station (1h40 from Brussels but not all trains stop in Ashford) and James should be able to help set up accommodation too.

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Brussels Labour campaign fund

Brussels Labour has its own campaign fund, which allows us to offer support to the Labour Party and candidates in elections in the UK, support our sister parties in elections in Belgium, and to host events at Labour Party annual conference.

Should you wish to make a donation, the account details are:

Account number: 036-1269593-77 | IBAN: BE80 0361 2695 9377 | BIC: GEBABEBB

Account name: Brussels Labour Party Group | Bank: BNP Paribas Fortis

Communication: ‘[name] Campaign fund donation‘


To read more about Brussels Labour’s campaign activities, read the posts below.

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