Branch Meeting and General Election 2017 Update

Following its 7 June branch meeting, inviting members of the French Parti Socialiste to share views on the French Presidential and Parliamentary elections, Brussels Labour welcomes Labour’s gains in the 8 June general election.

During the branch meeting, entitled “A tale of two parliaments; the elections in France and the UK and what they could mean for Europe” attendees discussed the elections in both countries.

The results of the election show Theresa May has no mandate for a reckless Tory hard Brexit. Labour’s gains show the demand for a progressive, hopeful and positive government, which only Labour can deliver.

Brussels Labour calls for a Brexit that takes the views of the 48% of the population who voted to remain in the European Union into account, and don’t wish for a destructive and divisive hard Brexit.

Finally, Brussels Labour would like to thank all those party members and activists who fought so hard for these significant parliamentary gains for the Labour Party.


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8 ways you can help off the doorstep







Theresa May’s announcement of a general election on the 8th June was a call to action for many Labour members, who, once it was approved in parliament, were able to get out on the doorstep and start canvassing.

But living abroad means we can’t decide to go campaigning on a moment’s notice, so for Labour International Members, and also those Labour members in the UK who can’t get out on the doorstep for whatever reason, here’s 8 ways to help Labour win this election

1. Donate

A small amount can make a big difference. For example, just £25 helps Labour reach about 1,000 people with a short video.

2. Share your skills

Everyone has their area of expertise. Whether you can write articles, design graphics, make podcasts, or give tips on public speaking or using social media, offer your skills to the campaign.

3. Support others

If you can’t get out on the doorstep, you can still support those who do. Give advice to new people canvassing for the first time, supply tea and biscuits after the session, offer some tips and encouraging words to people feeling drained from campaigning

4. Complete the Manifesto survey

It doesn’t take long to do at all. You can fill it out here:

For those of us wanting a stronger line on Brexit, here’s the policy adopted at conference:






5. Social media

Use Facebook or Twitter to reach out to others, especially outside of the echo chamber. Talk about politics, the news, the latest Marr show and persuade people to vote Labour

If you need any tips for how to use social media for campaigning, have a look at what others are doing or get in touch with your local party.

6. Write letters to papers

Local papers have a different audience to online media. Make sure to write in and tell people why they should be voting Labour.

7. Get people registered

These are the deadlines you need to know:

  • 22nd May – deadline

5pm, 23rd May – postal vote

  • 31st May- proxy vote

5pm, 8th June – emergency proxy vote

Make sure everyone you know has a vote!

8. Phone-banking

If you can’t get out on the doorstep, but still want to talk to people, why not go to a phone-banking session? It’s a great thing to do, and if you’re a first timer, don’t’ worry, you’ll get guidance and a script.

Of course, if you can get out on the doorstep, please do! You can leaflet if you don’t want to canvass, but if you decide to go door-knocking, you’ll get a script and you can ask to get guidance from people that have been out before.

For Brussels Labour members reading this, we’ll be campaigning on the 20th May and the 3rd/4th June weekend, get in touch with for more info!

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Brussels Labour Campaigning in General Election

Following the announcement of the snap General Election on 8th June, the Executive Committee is working on a plan to support Labour in the forthcoming campaign.  It will involve travelling to the UK over at least one weekend before the election.   It would be helpful if you could let us know if you are interested in participating. The proposed weekends are:


  • 20th-21st May
  • 27-28 May
  • 3-4 June
If you are interested, please complete this form by 29th April with your preferred date(s) 

Brussels Labour is also looking at other ideas to help support the campaign from Brussels and hope to announce something a the next Branch meeting on 26th April (see the post below for details) 

With British Withdrawal from the European Union (Brexit) undoubtedly a major theme, it is clear that Brussels Labour will be key in ensuring the Labour Party wins this election, and we hope we can count on your support!
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NPF Policy Consultation Meeting 24.4.2017

Brussels Labour would like to thank everyone who has already expressed interest in taking part in helping to develop Brussels Labour submission on Brexit for the National Policy Forum. 

Brussels Labour will go ahead with the meeting, which will take place on 24 April – venue to be confirmed.  if you are interested there’s still time to register here  until Friday 21st April. The documents can be downloaded here 

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