July 14, 2024

Who We Are

All Labour International members living in Belgium are members of Brussels Labour.

The group also includes people of other nationalities who may be members of other socialist parties or who are simply supportive of the Labour Party and its aims.

The branch is organised by an Executive Committee. Members of the Committee would be happy to hear from people living in Belgium who are interested in joining the group, or other Labour Party members arriving in Brussels and who wish to make contact socially or for work reasons.

You can find out more about the Executive Committee and its members here.

The Honorary President of Brussels Labour is Neil Kinnock, formerly Vice-President of the European Commission and Leader of the Labour Party.

Our background

Brussels Labour was established in 1973 by a number of people living in Belgium following Britain’s accession to the European Union (then known as the European Communities). Since that time the group has grown and flourished, with hundreds of people taking up membership for a few months, a few years, or remaining loyal members since the outset.

Some of the group’s members went on to work for Ministers in the Labour Government, or even to become Ministers themselves after being Members of the European Parliament. Members have also gone on to live in other countries and to form new Labour Party Groups which are now becoming part of the Labour International global network.

You can read more about our history here.

What we do

Brussels Labour holds discussion meetings with invited speakers and occasionally organises meetings with other European socialist parties in Brussels. We contribute to Labour Party campaigns by holding fundraising events and by participating in canvassing and campaigning in constituencies in the UK. We also hold a regular meeting at the Labour Party’s annual conference.

In addition, we defend the political rights of British citizens abroad, notably our right to vote in general elections.

We also make an input to Labour Party policy through contributions to the Policy Forum.

You can read more about our activities here.