June 18, 2024
Brussels Labour campaigning with friends
Find out how you can help campaign beyond the doorstep in the general election

Any general election announcement serves as a call to action for Labour members, to get out on the doorstep and start canvassing.

But living abroad means we can’t decide to go campaigning on a moment’s notice, so for Labour International Members, and also those Labour members in the UK who can’t get out on the doorstep for whatever reason, here’s 7 ways to help Labour win this election

1. Donate

A small amount can make a big difference. Every pound will go toward holding the Tories accountable and finally ending their 14 years of failure.

2. Share your skills

Everyone has their area of expertise. Whether you write articles, design graphics, make podcasts, or give tips on public speaking and using social media, offer your skills to the campaign.

3. Support others

If you can’t get out on the doorstep, you can still support those who do. Give advice to new people canvassing for the first time, supply tea and biscuits after the session, offer some tips and encouraging words to people feeling drained from campaigning

5. Get on social media

Use Facebook, X, Instagram or TikTok to reach out to others, especially outside of the echo chamber. Talk about politics, the news, the latest debate, and persuade people to vote Labour

If you need any tips for how to use social media for campaigning, have a look at what others are doing or get in touch with your local party.

6. Write letters to papers

Local papers have a different audience to online media. Make sure to write in and tell people why they should be voting Labour.

7. Get people registered

This is especially important for people living abroad — who are now allowed to vote regardless of how long they’ve lived outside of the UK.

These are the deadlines you need to know:

Register to vote: Tuesday 18 June at 23.59

Applying for a Voter ID: Wednesday 26 June at 17:00

Applying for a postal vote: Wednesday 19 June at 17.00

Applying for a proxy vote: Wednesday 26 June at 17.00

Make sure everyone you know has a vote!

8. Phone-banking

If you can’t get out on the doorstep, but still want to talk to people, why not go to a phone-banking session? It’s a great thing to do, and if you’re a first timer, don’t’ worry, you’ll get guidance and a script.

Of course, if you can get out on the doorstep, please do! You can leaflet if you don’t want to canvass, but if you decide to go door-knocking, you’ll get a script and you can ask to get guidance from people that have been out before.

For Brussels Labour members reading this, get in touch with secretary@brusselslabour.eu for more info on our campaign plans!

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